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Moss Bluff is located at 30º18’36” North, 93º12’17” West (30.310003, -93.204753), in the State of Louisiana.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 41.0 km² (15.8 mi²). 39.4 km² (15.2 mi²)of it is land and 1.6 km² (0.6 mi²) of it is water. This total area is 3.9% water.


Population (year 2010): 20,551
Males: 10,234 (49.8%), Females: 10,317 (50.2%)
Elevation: 24 feet
Parish: Calcasieu
Land area: 15.2 square miles
Zip code: 70611
Median resident age: 32.6 years
Median household income: $70,468 (year 2010)
Median house value: $146,799 (year 2010)

Races in Moss Bluff:

White Non-Hispanic 18,487 (89.96%)
Black 1,207 (5.87%)
Hispanic 591 (2.88%)
Asian 119 (0.58%)
American Indian 8 (0.04%)
Two or more races (Hawaiian or Pacific Islander) 2 (0.01%)
(Total can be greater than 100% because Hispanics could be counted in other races)

Ancestries: United States (20.7%), French (15.5%), Irish (10.8%), English (9.1%), German (8.6%), French Canadian (6.6%).

For population 25 years and over in Moss Bluff:

Did not Complete High School: 1,477 (12.01%)
Graduated from High school: 4,290 (34.90%)
Some College: 2,803 (22.80%)
Associate Degree 888 (7.22%)
Bachelor's degree: 2,201 (17.90%)
Graduate or professional degree: 634 (5.16%)
Unemployed: Males 602 (4.00%) Females 463 (3.08%)
Mean travel time to work: 24.0 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Moss Bluff CDP

Never married: 17.93%
Now married: 82.86%
Separated: 1.7%
Widowed: 2.8%
Divorced: 8.3%
Foreign born : 1.7%

Moss Bluff 2010 Census Facts:

Small Business: 292
Owner occupied homes: 6,238
Homes valued less than $20,000: 295
Homes valued more than $1,000,000: 45
Population above 65 years: 1,403
Population change since year 2000: 20.86%
Persons that moved in 1999 or later: 6,764
Forecast population change year 2014: 11.50%


 Home of former

Elton Louviere
Sep 3, 1930 - Jan 13, 2014




Moss Bay




Ryan Street


Visit your library at 261 Parish Rd
A great place to have fun



Calcasieu River at Moss Bluff taken in 1940

 The Ward 1 Economic Development Board

Louisiana Statue §130.71. Ward One Economic Development Board of  Calcasieu Parish; creation; purpose

A. The Ward One Economic Development Board of Calcasieu Parish is hereby created. The primary object and purposes of the board shall be to promote, encourage, and participate in economic development activities for Ward One of Calcasieu Parish.

B. For purposes of this Subpart, "economic development activities" shall include but shall not be limited to activities, projects, and endeavors that will accomplish or enhance the opportunity for any of the following:

(1) Growth and development of the Ward One area and the prosperity and welfare of the people of the ward.

(2) Expansion, restoration, improvement, or development of existing commercial structures in the Ward One area.

(3) Full use of underutilized resources of the Ward One area.

(4) Expansion and development of the tax base of the Ward One area.

(5) Improved communication among and coordination of federal, state, regional, and local programs in Louisiana, as well as private sector programs and projects.

Acts 2001, No. 377, §1, eff. July 1, 2001.

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